Monday, December 28, 2009

Twin Temptations

Twin Temptations
Title: Twin Temptations
Author: Carol Lynne
Series: Good-Time Boys
Rating: 4/5 stars

Twins Ryker and Ranger have had tough lives. No one really understands their relationship and most people don't approve of it. Neither of them is gay, but ever since they were babies they've been in love with each other and always sleep together. When Ryker falls in love with Lily, a waitress at the local bar, the two decide to bring her into their relationship.

At first I was going to rate this three stars, because Lynne seemed to be following a single plot thread. Two people fall in love, people disapprove, one person gets violent and attacks them, that person goes to jail, everyone approves of their relationship, happily ever after. That's basically the same plot that all four books in this series follow, but she did mix it up a little in this one. I like how neither of the twins are gay, but they're still in love with each other. It shows that their relationship transcends gender. I also like how she had Ranger having an internal battle, that veered off from the other three a little bit.

I also like how the main external conflict, Jeff, was pushed to the side and given a lesser role to the internal conflicts. I thought that this book would end up being a repeat of the others with Lionel and Lynne surprised me there.

Her characters were once again interesting and fun to read. The other books in the series had left Ranger and Ryker underdeveloped but this book fixed it pretty much. The first three books make Ranger and Ryker out of be gay lovers who have been having sex since they were teens. Twin Temptations, however, shows the true depth of their relationship.

Definitely a book I'd recommend to gay romance lovers. But be warned, to understand parts of this book you need to read the first three books in the series. Also, this book contains twincest which some readers may not like.

** Warning ** This novel contains sex scenes and may not be appropriate for readers under than age of 18. This novel also contains "twincest" or relationships between twin brothers and may be offensive to some readers.

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