Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to vslavetopassionv for winning a copy of Marie Sexton's Promises! The book will be sent to you shortly. =) Thank you to Marie Sexton for donating the ebook to be given away!

I hope you all had a happy Valentine's day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day is Coming!

Romance is in the air with Valentine's Day coming up quickly. In literature, there is no shortage of romance - even the action blow-em-up novels have a romantic interest. I'd love to get to know my readers a little bit more, so why not leave a comment and answer a few of these questions:

  • Which romantic couple is your favorite? Is it a classic couple like Romeo and Juliet or a more modern couple like Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson?
  • What makes this couple stand out to you?
  • How will you be spending this Single's Awareness Day Valentine's Day? With a loved one? Curled up with your favorite romance novel?

Don't forget the giveway of Marie Sexton's novel Promises ends tomorrow! Don't forget to get your entry in!

The credit for inspiring today's post goes to Erotic Horizon.

Something new I'm going to start doing is to add a little image at the bottom of each of my non-book review posts to add a little flavor to them.

Image from Erotic Horizon's blog. Copyright belongs to the original artist.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Giveaway - Promises and Christmas Intervention Winner

The winner of Mara Ismine's Christmas Intervention books is vslavetopassionv! Congrats on winning, your books shall be sent to you shortly!

Now, it's time to reveal the second of my February giveaways!

The wonderful Marie Sexton has been kind enough to donate an ebook copy of her new novel, Promises, for us to giveaway! This ebook will be in PDF format only.

Book description:
Jared Thomas has lived his whole life in the small mountain town of Coda, Colorado. He can't imagine living anywhere else. Unfortunately, the only other gay man in town is twice his age and used to be his teacher, so Jared is resigned to spending his life alone.

Until Matt Richards walks into his life, that is. Matt has just been hired by the Coda Police Department, and he and Jared immediately become friends. Matt claims he is straight, but for Jared, having a sexy friend like Matt is way too tempting. Facing Matt’s affair with a local woman, his disapproving family, and harassment from Matt’s co-workers, Jared fears they'll never find a way to be together—if he can even convince Matt to try. (Copied from Dreamspinner's website.)

To receive an entry into this drawing, leave a comment saying your favorite pick-up line. You can be as romantic or cheesy as you want, just have fun and be original! Please also include an email address so that we'll be able to send the book to you. If you're not comfertable posting your email in the comments section, feel free to send it to DancingDoveReviews (at) gmail.com.

This giveaway ends February 14 so get your entries in soon!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to February!

It is now the second month of 2010! Woohoo! Unfortunatly, I didn't read too many book in January like I had planned. Even worse, I reviewed very few of those that I did read. I'm hoping to change that this month. Something new I'm going to try and do this year is pick my favorite book from the previous month. My favorite read of January was by far, Without Sin by J. Tomas. It's a young adult, gay romance novel. (Three of my favorite genres all rolled into one!)

So, what can you look forward to this month?
Book reviews! I promise I will start writing more of these. I'm going to be taking a trip to New Jersey this week and I'll have plenty of time to read and write reviews on the car ride up there and back.

You can also expect more giveaways! I'm going to be offering a couple ebooks as free giveaways during the month of February. Since Valentine's Day is in February, all of the giveaways will be romance novels.

You can hopefully expect other book related news on here. I've been following a lot of news stories about books lately and I'll try and pass on the gist of it to you guys!

I hope everyone has a happy February!