Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Mini Reviews - July 6

Sorry for the late post, I had a dentist appointment today. *Shudder*

InfernoInferno by Dante Alighieri - 4.5/5 Doves
This is the story of a man's journey through Hell to eventually reach Heaven. I absolutely loved this book. Dante had a great imagination and gives us very vivid descriptions of the nine circles of Hell. His descriptions allowed readers to picture exactly what he was describing. The only downfall of this story, is that it is heavy on Italian history. Many of the things he mentions would've been recognized by his audience, but modern Americans require footnotes to get even a little bit of understanding. There is also the heavy influence of Christianity which can distract from the piece. Highly recommended!

And Then There Were Two
And Then There Were Two by Jude Mason - 3/5 Doves
And interesting Sci-Fi/Fantasy short. It was a pretty good beginning, but the way it ends leaves me with more questions than answers. This probably would've been good as a full novella or novel, but as it is now, it's an incomplete story. The story has no real beginning, middle and end. Rather, it only has a middle.

Spoils of WarSpoils of War by Aleksandr Voinov and Raev Gray - 4/5 Doves
After Achilleus, the legendary Greek warrior, falls in battle, Ares comes to collect his soul. I really enjoyed this book. Voinov and Gray did a great job with the descriptions. I wish the piece had been longer, since it only took me about twenty minutes to read it. Definitely recommend for those M/M lovers with an interested in Ancient Greece or Rome.


  1. I totally loved Dante's Inferno since I first read it many years ago. Haven't read the other two but they sound good.

  2. I wasn't sure if I'd like Dante's Inerno, but in the end I did. After I got past all the religious preaching and focused on the actual writing, I loved it. Dante does an excellent job with his descriptions.

    You'll probably love Spoils of War. Aleks and Raev are both excellent authors and they did a great job with it. (And no I'm not just saying that because Aleks follows my blog.) :x

  3. I was having a crappy day, and seeing this brightened it. :)

  4. Dante's Inferno has been on my list for a while. Thanks for giving me a reason to pop it up towards the top. Sometimes I tend to ignore the classics.

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