Friday, July 2, 2010

It's July!

Yup, it's finally July! First, I'd like to congratulate kbcutter for winning a copy of A.B. Gayle's Mardi Gras!

Next I'd like to thank all of my loyal viewers. And since I'm such a statistics dork, here are some stats from July!
From June 1 - June 30 we had 622 unique visitors!

Our most popular pages for the month are:
The Homepage  - 343 views
The Martin and the Wolf Giveaway - 154 views
Miles and the Magic Flute Giveaway - 101 views
Interview with Aleksandr Voinov - 88 views
The Mardi Gras Giveaway - 88 views
Interview with Anne Brooke - 53 views

This month I have a few things planned! Look forward to a book review for Finding Zack by Rowan Speedweel and one for Luke by Jan Irving. Also look forward to an interview with Rowan Speedwell and some authors from Untreed Reads and editor A.B. Gayle.

Thanks again for visiting us! Don't for get to check out The Daisy Chain, and M/M romance podcast put together by Blip!


  1. Congrats to kbcutter!

    So organized, Ralph! I look at the pretty google analytics graph on my blog dashboard and that's about as wildly statistical as I get. :)

  2. Hi Ralph
    Thanks again for including me on your blog. It was good to get the feedback on my questions about POV and tense. I'm sure the discussion won't end there!
    Congratulations to K.B. for winning the book. Tell me what you think afterwards, mate!

  3. Sheesh, I apologize for not responding. Writing, final edits and self-promotion stuff-plus work-gah! No time!

    Thank you!!!

    Once it gets sent my way, I'll dive right into it. It's got some good reviews thus far and since you 'penned' it, I know it will be a fab read.