Monday, May 17, 2010

Author Fan Letter: Tamora Pierce

The Author Appreciation Blog Crawl continues today. Kassa started this crawl on her blog and has 29 blogs lined up. Yesterday was Obsidian Bookshelf and today, is me!

Choosing an author for this letter was extremely hard. There are many authors that I love reading and think write amazing books. In the end, I decided to go with the author whose books I've read multiple times.

Dear Tamora Pierce,
I started reading your books after one of my friends told me how great they were. She went on and on about the books trying to get me to read them. (I think the only thing she didn't do was beat me with them.) After I finally gave in, I was hooked.Terrier

I want to use my letter to let you know that I absolutely adore your books. You've done a great job of creating magnificent fantasy worlds with great detail. I truly appreciate all of the effort you've put into creating both your Tortall and Emelan worlds. You are, by far, my favorite fantasy author. (And one of my all-time favorite authors!)

You've created realistic characters who accomplish their goals without being cliché. Each of your characters has a unique personality. I love how I can tell all of your characters apart by their personalities and even by just reading a few lines of dialog. I also like how your characters aren't perfect, they all have their flaws - Kel's fear of heights, Alanna's height, Tris's weight, Daine's youth - you've shown women that they don't need to be perfect super models to be successful. You've given us females who start at the bottom rung and are able to work their way to the top, not from relying on men but by working hard and never giving up.

Magic Steps I've really enjoyed watching your writing style grow and change through out your career. It's interesting to see how similar yet how different your style is between Alanna: The First Adventure and Bloodhound. I really appreciate all of the work you've put into perfecting your writing and it definitely shows. I'm eagerly awaiting you next releases to see how it has changed again.

I hope you continue to write for many years to come! I'm always anxiously awaiting your new books. I like how you put the time and effort into your books. Rather than pumping out half a dozen books a year, you can tell that you spend time and put a lot of effort into your books. (Though if you find a way to clone yourself and put out six books a year, I won't complain!)

Thank you for allowing us to read your master pieces!


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  1. Yet another author I've not heard of until participating in the fan letter blog crawl, but your letter has me very curious about this author's books. Great letter :) What would you recommend for a first book?

  2. *makes note to read some Tamora Pierce*

  3. Stacy: I'd recommend starting at the beginning with the Song of the Lioness Quartet. The first book in the series is Alanna: The First Adventure.

    Chris: She's wonderful! Her books aren't M/M though one of her books does have a gay couple for side characters.

  4. Wonderful letter! I haven't read this author either but I'm a sucker for fantasy stories. I don't mind if her books aren't m/m, I'll read anything that's absorbing. Thanks for the rec on where to start!

    Thanks for participating and always fun to find a new blog to peruse :)

  5. I haven't heard of this author before but then I'm not much into Fantasy. Great letter, Ralph.

  6. Great letter!!! And yes, another author I have not heard of! Thanks for showcasing this author!!

  7. I read a lot of fantasy, but somehow I've never tried this author (who has great cover art!). Thanks for reminding me about her! I need to add her to the tbr list.

  8. Great letter Ralph. That's neat that you can really see different personalities as I think that's sometimes hard for an author to do, because everyone starts sounding a bit like the person writing the book, which is natural I think. Super job.

  9. Wonderful letter, Ralph! I've never heard about this author before but I like what you wrote about her work, especially how she portrays her female characters. I need to check her books out.

  10. I LOVE Tamora Pierce. I started reading her in high school with Alanna's stories and now wait on tenterhooks for each book in the Beka Cooper series.

    I think you highlighted one of my favourite things about her work, Ralph, in the fact that none of heroines are perfect - and they don't have to be to achieve their goals.

    Great letter!

  11. Fabulous letter! I've never read anything by Pierce, but she has been on my to-read list for a while.

  12. Wonderful letter - I like it when an author's style changes as the books go on...I'll def look her up, thanks for introducing me to another new-to-me author!

  13. I lubs the covers! I've never heard of this author before, I currently have my goodreads open so I can add the books you mentioned, lol.

    What genre does Pierce write for?

  14. Hi Ralph:

    What a wonderful letter. It's great Tamora has had such am impact on your reading life.

    Thanks so much for sharing!