Thursday, January 7, 2010

FREE book - Alien Cradle

One of the new things I'm doing on this blog is to post when I come across a free (and legal) book. Some of these books will be ebooks, some will be physical books, some will be temporary, some will be permanent and some will be giveaways. So, without further ado:

Title: Alien Cradle
Author: Jeff Inlo
Link: Download Here
Length: 85,918 words / 250 pages
Genre: Science Fiction
Rath Scampion, outer rim scout, explores the barren landscapes of Fenrir just before a Regency Scientific Council plants the seed of a genetically created "alien". Once the colony takes hold, researchers discover the Fenrites advancing at an alarming pace, passing quickly through complex stages of industrial and technological growth. As the experiment spirals out of control, Rath must flee Regency investigators, ending up in the midst of marauders and outcasts. He is caught with no safe haven as the Fenrite disaster spurs on political and military chaos throughout the Regency controlled worlds. (Summary from

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