Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my readers! 2009 was a pretty good year for me, I met some great new people and I read a bunch of good books. I actually read a total of 151 books last year. (Anyone have a Pokemon flashback there? No? Okay, maybe I watched too much Pokemon growing up...) I also managed to start this blog last August.

Now that it's 2010, I have a couple new things planned for this blog. A new layout is high on my list as well as a banner for the top of the page. I'm also going to try and review more of the books I read. Last year I fell into the habit of putting them off and never getting around to it. Hopefully, this year that'll change. I'm also going to try and improve my reviews by being more specific about what I liked or didn't like in the books. My reading goal for this year is 300 books and I've already started working on that goal. The first book I finished in 2010 was A Fostered Love by Cameron Dane. I should have a review of it up some time today.

I'm also going to start advertising for different authors each month. None of these authors are asking me to and I'm doing this because I believe these authors deserve it.

This month is going to be J.M. Synder. Ms. Snyder has done an excellent job in all the works I've read by her. Her newest novel, Rockstar, is due out this month. You can find out more about this book here. Don't forget to read some of her older titles as well. If you'd like to "test" out her writing before you spend your hard earned money, she has excerpts of her books on her website and also have a good amount of free stories for her fans to read. You can find J.M. Synder online at her website:

Have a great year everybody!

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