Thursday, January 28, 2010


Most of you have probably heard that Apple revealed it's new tablet - the iPad. Seriously though, what "genius" in marketing named that one? As a side note, I found this quite giggle worthy: Macs + iPad = Macsipad. =)

The media has been heavily marketing this as an "ereader." IMO, this isn't going to corner the market in ebooks like they seem to think it will. For one, it doesn't use e-ink, reading off the iPad's screen is going to be like reading off a regular computer screen. Then there's the weight. It's going to weigh a lot more than a classic ereader (Kindle, Sony, Nook). Also, from what I've heard, they're going to be charging $12-15 for a book rather than the $9.99 that Amazon charges.

On the other hand, it may be useful for artists and for note taking. It'll also probably be good for photo editing and things like that.

The bottom line is, the new "iPad" is basically just a giant iPhone or iTouch, not a dedicated ereader.

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  1. I want one and for two reason.... photos and convienience...

    I cant wait to see a proper demo in one of my local Apple stores...