Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Giveaway - The Prayer Waltz

Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos is once again doing a giveaway! This time it's for the M/M romance novel, The Prayer Waltz by KZ Snow. The Prayer Waltz was published by Dreamspinner Press on March 10, 2010. Head on over there and get your entry in before 7PM CDT on April 19!

Plot Summary:
For eight months, the peculiar circumstances surrounding the sudden death of Steven Brandwein’s lover, an enigmatic ex-priest, have weighted his mourning with mystery. Desperate for emotional closure, Steve makes a journey he’s put off for years: he travels to the town that was once an integral part of his late lover’s life. Steve hopes his pilgrimage will help him better understand Frank, serve as a final farewell, and allow him to move on.

His visit to St. Jerome’s Church one snowy, silent night proves more consequential than he’d ever anticipated. Evan McAllister, an unassuming man still grieving over the death of his son, befriends Steve. As their bond grows, they both make startling discoveries – not the least of which, for Steve, is that he’s ready to love again.