Thursday, March 11, 2010

Read an E-Book Week Giveaway Part 5!

Spoils of War
Read an E-Book Week is almost over! Have you guys read any good ebooks this week?

Today's ebook was donated by Aleksandr Voinov. Aleksandr is offering up his short story Spoils of War. You can read some reviews and an excerpt here.

Summary: When Achilleus, the greatest warrior who ever lived, falls before Troy (or Ilion, as it was known), Ares, God of War, stands ready to take his spirit with him to his palace. There, Ares demands that Achilleus yield to him. But can the embrace of a god and the offer of immortality make Achilleus forget his one true love, Patroklos?

To enter the drawing, become a follower and tell us what you've read so far this week!
If you share this contest, you can also receive up to three extra entries. (One for each place you share it; Goodreads, your blog, LibraryThing, Twitter, etc.) Don't forget to include a link to where you've shared it!

Drawing ends on March 16 at Midnight EST.


  1. I already have this book! :)

    I just finished reading A to Z by Marie Sexton, which is sort of a sequel/associated with Promises. It was excellent.

  2. I'm currently reading Wild Card by Lora Leigh. And when I finish that tonight, I'll be starting to read Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  3. Just finished Ariel Tachna's excellent In Blood series. Currently reading LB Gregg's Catch Me If You Can and next up is Josh Lanyon's The Dark Farewell - m/m goodness!

  4. This week I've read Kim Dare's Turquoise and Leather, Nick Nolan's Strings Attached, KA Mitchell's No Souvenirs, The Hustler by The Slash and Burn authors and Freaks in Love by TA Chase. I have to say that they were all good reads; I really liked them. I'm about to start reading Simple Men by Eric Arvin.

  5. Crimson Spell by Ayano Yamane M/M
    Kept by Carolyn Faulkner M/F spanking
    Switch by Megan Hart M/F D/s

    Crimson Spell was my fav but I'm not sure if it fair to compare since it is Manga and I am a very visual person.

    :D Happy Friday!