Sunday, March 7, 2010

Read an E-Book Week Giveaway!

Hue, Tint, and Shade
Today is the first day of Read an E-Book Week! Read an E-Book Week is from March 7-13. In order to celebrate, I'm going to be giving away a couple different ebooks each day this week! To find out more about Read an E-Book week you can visit their website. On their site, you'll also find information about different booksellers that are discounting or giving away books this week!

The first giveaway book was donated by Jordan Castillo Price! Ms. Price has offered up a copy of her latest release, Hue, Tint and Shade. Hue, Tint and Shade is the first book in the Petit Morts series that she is writing with fellow author, Josh Lanyon. You can find out more about this book and read an excerpt here.

Summary taken from JCPBooks:
Asking for help can be a challenge for even the best of us, and so it’s doubly intimidating for quiet, introverted Tommy Roth. An online exchange leads to a meeting with a psychic who assures Tommy that his naturally subdued aura is to blame for his timidity. Blue and violet tones are out, and shades of yellow and red are in!
Of course it’s a bunch of baloney, and to make it worse, the intimidating shop clerk overheard the whole conversation.
Just when it seems like Tommy’s life can’t get any more dreary, a colorful character drops out of the sky. Nathan’s so vivid, he seems to good to be true. Is he?

To get an entry into this drawing, become a fan of my blog and leave a comment here about what you like/dislike about ebooks.
If you share this contest, you can also receive up to three extra entries. (One for each place you share it; Goodreads, your blog, LibraryThing, Twitter, etc.) Don't forget to include a link to where you've shared it!

Drawing ends March 13 at Midnight EST.


  1. I love ebooks but still really enjoy the feel of a book in my hands.

    I'm a follower :)


  2. Ebooks are convenient, cheaper, and take up less space, but I still like going to bed with the real thing. :)

  3. I wish the publishers would put the details of the book in the

  4. I love books of all descriptions. The best thing about ebooks is their portability and small footprint. That latter is especially important when you have a houseful of books already!

  5. I like ebooks for the instant gratification. Buy it, download it, and start reading in less than 10 minutes.

  6. I love my Sony reader and read almost all of my books in electronic format. You can't beat it for convenience, I can take it with me everywhere, and when I haunt the sales, I can usually find a great price as well.

    I am a follower

  7. I love really books. Sure they take up space, but looking at electrinic screens for too long make my head hurt...

  8. I like ebooks when they are not too expensive. If costs as much or more than a paper back, its too much.

  9. Hi Ralph. I'm a follower now and I'll be linking this on LJ.

    I love ebooks they don't need dusting. It took me a while to adapt, but now I do prefer ebooks to print books. There's the instant gratification, the lower price (sometimes), the wide choice, the sales (50% off is always good), and the variable font size has become more important over the years.

    Mara Ismine

  10. I love ebooks...the variety, the instant gratification and the portability. The downside to them is all the various formats that are out there...I like a simple .pdf format and no DRM stuff which makes it difficult to buy a lot of the new releases that also come out in print since for the most part they are DRM based books. Thank goodness for MBAM, Liquid Silver, Fictionwise, EC, All Romance, Changeling, Total-E and a whole bunch of other publisher/retailers who offer basic .pdf files.

    Happy Reading

  11. Thanks to everyone for entering! Good luck. =)

  12. I came over here from Chris' blog...

    I enjoy ebooks because of the convenience of multi-tasking. I can be chatting online, reading & processing photos all simultaneously!

    I'm gonna add your contests to my blog post for today... and include them in my sidebar after I comment.

    Happy Spring!
    Miranda ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr

  13. I like ebooks because you have instant gratification. You can start reading them immediately.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  14. I love ebooks because they are convenient ,just a click , you've bought it and can read it instantly . I read my ebooks on my pc , so when I have no electricity ,I'm glad for my books. I also love the smell of books, can't get that with an ebook.

  15. I love the instant gratification. It's so easy to go on Amazon and click and have book automatically sent to my Kindle.

  16. I pretty much only read e-books now. Love the convenience of buying online and reading in bed without needing a light on to keep my husband awake. I take my book reader everywhere I go and love always having something new or ability to re-read faves anytime, anyplace.